129 Cleveland Cloudster 900 – Fuselage Final Assembly

This is a close up view look inside the left side window. 

This picture shows the assembled fuselage.

For a cursory weight check, the assembled fuselage was weighed in at 1250 grams (44.09 oz) as shown below. The covered fin and rudder and the uncovered stab and elevator collectively weigh 93 grams (3.28 oz). In Report No. 77, the completed uncovered two-piece wing was weighed in at 452 grams (15.94 oz). This is a total weight of (44.09+3.28+15.94) = 63.31 oz without the wing or stab covering. So it looks like my final weight will come out around 66 or 67 oz, which will be about 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 oz over the 10 oz/sq.ft. target weight of  62-1/2 oz. Also, I don’t have an estimate on the model’s CG yet…………………………Tandy

5.16.11 NC 006 Weight No Wheels

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